Friday, November 16, 2012

Inspired Fridays: Page covered letters

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 We love crafting and Pinterest just as much as we love books, so why not combine the two! 

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Page Covered Letters 

I love these.. looks like you would just use modge podge and any type of book/ comic book/ children book, or magazine to cover these letters up ( the boys head on these does creep me out a bit though) but i do like the color, so maybe comic book would be nice, or an encyclopedia..  are you up to any crafting this week? or even if you have an amazing book nook idea SHOW US and link your post below! 

~ Katie @ Inkk


  1. DUDE! Now were starting to think alike. Weird! haha!!

  2. That is such a cool idea! Great craft idea for a kid's room too.

    1. oh yeah, great for kids rooms for sure! thanks for stopping by! check out Loretta above you , she did an inspired Friday post that is similar too! - Katie