Friday, September 7, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Fridays - DIY "Book" Shelves

I thought i would bring a new tradition to Inkk, and since Krisha and Myself both have the same amount of love for Pintrest as we do for books, we though we could combine the two. So every Friday i will post a Book inspire DIY, craft, project, or maybe just a really sweet library or book nook. you never know , with it being the weekend, you might just get inspired to start crafting.

I think these book shelves are AMAZING! all you need is hinge, or a crummy inexpensive wall mount, and show off those great books! Great Idea! Click Here to take you straight to the site on Pinterest to find out more! Have a great Weekend - Katie @Inkk


  1. Replies
    1. yeah these shelves are great, and im finding alot of great book inspired diy projects, it won't make my "pinterest inspired fridays" very hard !