Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Well this is an all too familiar post ! especially considering I really haven't posted in *cough* two years *cough*....

My time in Florida was great. My then baby, now 2.5 year old keeps me busy and above all things we have relocated to Roanoke Virginia. I know I continuously vow to keep up with the blog and although I may fail again I want to give it another attempt. I solemnly swear to .... try my best.

I have been listening to a lot of great books I just haven't had time to review anything, and I at least would like to share what books I have read and see if you have any thoughts on them too.  When I was in Florida I had an amazing book club in my neighborhood so I love being able to talk about my good reads with people. 

In other news.. I am also now expecting baby #2 due this summer but, truthfully told I read way more when nursing a new born last time, so I am at least going to make an effort to stay on task. 
Hopefully more reviews to come soon. Happy Reading, 

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