Friday, May 2, 2014

Inspired Friday: Lemon Water ?

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Lemon Water?

Happy Friday Guys ! 

Well its getting to be that time of the year when people wear less clothes, and I have been hearing a lot about these "benefits " of drinking lemon water , especially in the morning. "they" say it helps just start your metabolism ( which definitely has slowed ) and helps detox your inside. 

So I figured I'm going to jump on the bandwagon, at the very least it will help me stay hydrated because my husband would say i definitely don't drink enough water. 

Happy Friday what inspires you this week!!?!



  1. I never thought about the benefits of drinking Lemonade Water, I should take it into consideration for when the time of wearing less clothes arrives. I'm afraid here is still cold :( and that's new considering May is usually one of the best times in UK. Sigh, we shall be patient I suppose...

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Katie (hope your finger healed completely)!

    1. Thanks Silvia , the X-rays look good , it hasn't moved but it still going to take at least three more weeks to heal completely. but its getting there.and dang that sucks that your warm weather has not yet approached , hope it comes soon!! - Katie

  2. Oooh healthy! I used to drink lemon water in the mornings all the time, but now I just drink apple cider vinegar in water instead. I think they have similar benefits. I don't do it every morning, though maybe I should. =)