Friday, February 7, 2014

Inspired Fridays: Jewelry Frame

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Jewelry Frame  

Happy Friday Ladies! 

I was looking for a good way of organizing my necklaces, I already have a "jewelry tree" for my earrings but need something to hang my long necklaces.

Check out this great idea!

all you need is an old frame, doesn't even have to be nice because you can paint it any color you want, and just get those little screw in hooks, and screw them in on the top.

voila ! easy peasy and super cute! I will let you know if I make it, but i just wanted to share the great idea.


  1. That *is* a great idea and so beautiful! I mean, it could be a wall fixture in itself and I love how the jewelery matches the color of the frame. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is SO pretty!! I have a jewelry tree, too, it's in the shape of a heart and I use it for my earrings and I love it! I don't have one for necklaces because basically I use just one, but this frame is so tempting... Great inspiration, Katie! :)