Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspired Friday Spirited ART

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You don't have to actually craft anything "be inspired". Show us something you maybe have done, want to try, or even a cool looking book nook or library, Whatever inspires you! Happy Weekend! 

Spirited ART

I was super duper lucky that Krisha had some free time the other weekend and came down to Chattanooga to hang out and spend some time with me.  If you know anything about Krisha and Myself then you know that we are besties that unfortunatly live states apart, so it's a big treat to hang out for a weekend! 

Inspired Fridays are all about things that inspire you and all things CRAFTY!
I had a great time taking Krisha and my husband Chad to go paint with me at Spirited ART in Chattanooga. I teach Painting classes here during the week but its so much more fun being the customer!

What inspires you this weekend? link back and show us!


  1. Aww!! I've always been artistic since the day I was born, so you can imagine how much I loved your Inspired Friday this week, right? <3
    And really, it's so nice that you two had the opportunity to spend a bit more of time together with such fun in the process! :)

    1. Silvia,
      I barely have an artistic bone in body, so thank goodness I have Katie in my life! I've never done an art & wine class and having my best friend there made it even better.
      :) ~Krisha

  2. Oh, that's cool! Thanks for sharing always awesome things!

  3. Wow that's really cool! I've always wanted to do something like that.