Friday, May 3, 2013

Inspired Fridays: Bookish Jewlery Box

Inspired Fridays is a weekley meme hosted by us @ Inkk

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You don't have to actually craft anything to "be inspired". Show us something you maybe have done, want to try, or even a cool looking book nook or library. Whatever inspires you! Happy Weekend! 

Bookish Jewelry Box / Hideaway

I have been seeing these around alot, and as a matter of face I someone who has been making these. I think these are soooo cool because when you close them they just look like a book lying around! 

Not only would this be cute for jewlery but I think it would make for a super cute / smart hideaway that you can just put in your bookshelf among your other books. What a great safe spot! 

This inspires me to get crafty for sure! What inspires you?


  1. I have always wanted to hollow out an old book. I've heard it's a lot harder than it seems though.

  2. well i have a friend who is doing it with cheap old books from the used book store, and they do take time to dry, but he seems to pop them out pretty quickly! I think the key is getting a box cutter, i think you could get those pages cut out in no time! - Katie

  3. Cute! I don't think I'd have the patience to make one of these - me and DIY do not mesh well - but what a fun gift it would be for a bookish friend! ESP if it had some bookish jewelry to go with it!