Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Ebook: 375 pages      Obtained: Bought for Kindle

Ebook: 375 pages       Published: Feb 28, 2012

Series: Delirium # 2

ISBN 006197806X - ISBN13: 9780061978067

I'm pushing aside the memory of my nightmare, 

pushing aside thoughts of Alex, 

pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school,




like Raven taught me to do.

The old life is dead.

But the old Lena is dead too.
I buried her.
I left her beyond a fence,
behind a wall of smoke and flame.

Katie's Thoughts:

Pandemonium picks up right where Delirium leaves off, Lena is found in the Wilds by Raven, and taken to a nearby homestead with other Invalids. After a period of time in the Wilds, Lena joins the resistance and goes into the city undercover, much like what Alex did in Delirium. The story is not told in a traditional Linear fashion, each chapter jumps from "then" ( when Lena was found, and living in the wilds ) to "now" (Lena working as an undercover resister within the city walls.)

I was not a huge fan of the whole " Now / Then" skipping back and forth. It was done with purpose  and thoughtfully written, I personally however am not a fan of that many flashbacks, i found my self aggrivated at times, especially when i was super into the "now" parts.

That being said, this novel was wonderfully written, Lauren Oliver has mastered the art of Cliffhangers!      Just when you thought that the end of Delirium couldn't be topped with it's to-die-for suspensefull ending, somehow Oliver manages to make the end of Pandimoneium even more jaw dropping ( seriously you should have seen my face! I could tell what was going to happen, i saw it comming from a couple of chapters  away.... but yet.. my jaw couldnt help but drop!

This was me when i figured out what was going to happen  .....

and even though i knew, I KNEW what the outcome was going to be ...

This was me at the last sentence of the book! ...

Dang you Lauren Oliver !

Do not read any further unless you have read Pandemonium, in that case read away and give me your input!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver    V.S.    Delirium by Lauren Oliver

This seems to be a big question, but its not really a big question for me. I am team Adam all the way. I understand why people like Julian, heck i like Julian, he's a nice guy, however Lena wants Alex and would choose him if it wasn't that she think he is "dead".  I understand why Lena loved Alex, it was a well built relationship.  Alex would die for Lena literally. What Lena had with Julian was great , was it love? I don't know , it was quick, and in my opinion Julian was her rebound. Constantly throughout the book she kept comparing him to alex. Julian is a great guy, and i would have gone back to rescue him too... but lets be real .. she is who she is now because of Alex.. I think the main question now is, what has become of Alex, and how have the things he has been though changed him!

I enjoyed Pandemonium, but it did have symptoms of "the second book in a trilogy". I am however looking forward to Requiem, and i can't wait to find out what happens! most especially with my guy drama! i know some of you get tired of the whole love triangle business , but with out the love story, we really wouldn't care who wins in this war, love is the reason worth fighting for !

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  1. I also didn't like the then/now because I just wanted to get to the now's (because I was waiting for Alex to pop out!), and yeah, I'm definitely Team Alex too <3 So excited to see the love-triangle drama in Requiem! Great review :D

    1. im glad you said that.. i always get nervous when i have i say i don't "like" something about a book, it was great writing but that then/ now thing just wasnt for me, i found myself very impatient!and yes i was the same way. there was no point in the then, since i knew alex wasn't going to show up then!!! thanks for checking out my review. hope we both get to read requiem soon! - Katie

  2. I am reading this book AS WE SPEAK. I accidentally (okay, maybe not so accidentally..) found out the ending of the book already on Goodreads even though I haven't finished it. I knew it would happen anyways though...and I'm totally dreading it. Gosh, NO DOUBT Alex. I can see why she'll like Julian, but ugh, I don't like him at all.

    Great review!

    1. i know , i did the same them. i hate it when people give me spoilers, but i litterally SOUGHT OUT SPOILERS for this book, i asked people on twitter if alex comes back or not.. i just had to know! hope you enjoy it, and let me know when your review is up! thanks for topping by - Katie

  3. Delirium is on my Christmas list and I am glad to hear that the series remains strong. I can't wait to start the series. Thank you for your review.

    1. yeah it was pretty good. excited for book three, hope you get delirium for christmas!! thanks for checking out my review! - Katie

  4. I don't know what team to be on because I love them both! Part of me thinks she has to end up with Alex, but another part of me feels like he was her first love and the one who taught her that love was worth fighting for, BUT people don't always end up with their first love. And you are right that we don't know how Alex has changed during all this time they have been apart. Also Julian went against everything he believed in his whole life because of Lena and she taught HIM a lot about life & love. So I just don't know! I am so wishing I could get my hands on an ARC of Requiem, like yesterday so I can find out how this all turns out!!

    1. yeah i know. thats why i had to find out spoilers to the book to see if alex comes back, because if he wasn't comming back i was ok with julian. so i guess i cheated, because made the judgement depending on whether alex was comming back or not. and to be fair Lena didn't have that kind of info obviously. i can't wait to get Requiem! i so wish i could just read it now! thanks for stopping by ! - Katie

  5. Second books in a series usually tend to be my least favorite. But I loved Delirium and can't to finally read this :) Glad you liked it!

    1. yeah the second book in ANY series is always the slowest.. but i guess its a nessesity. can't wait till requiem thought! hope you like it, and i hope you get to read it soon! thanks for checking out my review! - Katie

  6. I am not picking a team yet. I can't ALex is to Lena what Lena is to Julian. ALl of the reasons I think Lena should be with Alex are all of the same reasons I want Julian to be with Lena. It is for-surely a Bermuda Love Triangle.

    1. you are so right alex was the teacher and experience one in his relationship with lena, and then lena was that fr Julian , they are very similar situations. i can't wait to see what happens! thanks for the comment, i love to see where people stand in the love triangle! -Katie

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  8. I have to agree Oliver is definitely an amazing writer, her depth of analysis of human behavior was breathtaking and I was struck not only by the complexity of the story, but her pure writing style. I am rarely blown away from good writing and I can't believe how much high school has kept me from reading (I picked up Delirum reluctantly to keep the school librarian from asking me why I was in the library, then I was so blown away during Christmas I rushed to the public library during break to get Pandemonium and devoured it in a few hours)

    Okay sorry about that but you're review has got me so excited!

    Wow, I just finished reading this book last night, I read from from begining to end in about 6 hours till my head pounded, but it was well worth it. I think the book was generally predictable in some points (like I knew that Alex has to show up, even though I totally was scared that he could have died for all but the last page), but there was this whole sense of "I can't be sure". Also for the first three or four chapters the now and then totally confused me, and then later it came to irritate me a little, although later I came to like it just a bit. Like you knew the twists were going to happen but were still shocked when they did. I think the book definitely had the the "second book feel" but I think Oliver tried quite well to not make this book just a bridge between two books as it did have more action than Delirium and Lena does really grow.

    For the boy issue, I mean I think it adds a tad bit more dimension to the story, but I feel the whole love thing is definitely rushed. I feel that Alex was just about appropriate development if not a little rushed, but Julian was way way too fast; and as a result I don't feel their relationship is genuine yet. Its more of just attraction to me. I have to admit I am completely 100% "team Alex" and I was literally writhing during Pandemonium due to the Julian relationship and the lack of mention of Alex, but I really don't think the Julian relationship feels that authentic to me: its more of a cover up (I guess it literally is for Lena to get over Alex) so I'm not sure I think there is a true team battle like that which could be said in something in Twilight. Julian-Lena relationship feel flat to me in some ways, but I do feel he is a threat to the Alex-Lena relationship.

    Btw, sorry for my long post but I just read this is a few hours and I am literally buzzing. I love your blog so much, I feel it a good mix of serious analysis and well just fun "fan-crazy reviews for good books!" Thanks so much and I am sure to read this blog weekly now.

    -Emily :)

  9. first off i am blow away by your comment! I LOVE IT! this is exactly why i like writing reviews, so that i can chat with other readers on the books i love ! so you get HUGE CUDOS for an awesome conversation!!!

    yes i loved this book, so glad you enjoyed it too. i wish i would have been a reader like you are in high school, and im pretty sure my school library didnt have awesome YA books like Delirium when i was in high school.

    the writing was great, and i too am not much into writing. I can't belive you read it in one sitting. My blog partner Krisha is that way too, she a super fast reader. When it comes to Pandemonium i was fairly certain they were going to bring alex back, but i have to admit i cheated and asked people on twitter to confirm whether he was comming back or not.. I guess since i new he was comming back , i didnt want her to have any relationship with Julian, but had i had no idea that alex was comming back, i might have felt differently.

    And your right, the Julian Lena relationship was way rushed. they didnt have anything as close to what Lena and Alex had. i loved how in Delirium when Lena asked Alex why he loved herher.. i LOVED his responce of how she reminded him of the birds.. their relationship just seemed real , and ture.

    I am afaid that Julian can still be a threat to the relationship sadly, mostly because i have no idea what happened to Alex out there.. ( Kind of reminds me of Petta in the hunger games, when he was captured , and when he came back he was so very different )

    i am soooo dying to read Requiem and figure out what happenes now that Alex is back!!! ahhh i can't wait!

    THANKS SO MUCH for stopping by Emily i love book chatting! and i can't wait to talk about Requiem with you!!!

    - Katie @ Inkk