Friday, June 28, 2013

Inspired Fridays: Embellished Letters

Inspired Fridays is a weekley meme hosted by us @ Inkk

 We love crafting and Pinterest just as much as we love books, so why not combine the two! Take part in our weekly meme and link back to us ! 

You don't have to actually craft anything "be inspired". Show us something you maybe have done, want to try, or even a cool looking book nook or library, Whatever inspires you! Happy Weekend! 

Embelished Letters 

I've been checking out pinterest lately , and these Embellished or glamed up cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby look AMAZING. 

Here is one great example. These Cardboard letters from hobby lobby cost around $2.00 each and here they just glued on pennies. 

Ive also seen another great example when they have spray painted them in a metallic gold or silver paint! 

These inspire me to get crafty, and spruce up my house! What inspires you this week! let me know!


  1. It looks really nice! I actually love the idea of using pennies, you get rid of them in a very pretty way ;)

    1. i know right.. there are so many possibilities for this.. pennies are just the beginning! thanks for taking part Silvia ! - Katie

  2. Great inspiration, Katie! I've seen those around and they look cool!

    1. Have you? i have seen the letters at hobby lobby, and think that after they get embossed with fun stuff it will look so much more expensive! i really might try this one out! thanks for checking it out Franny, and thanks for taking part! - Katie

  3. They look amazing! Thank you for the tip. I feel inspired already! :D
    I might try it with the word READ, and perhaps decorate them with a collage of loose pages from my old books. Then put it right beside by shelves. It might turn out something pretty cool!